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I have been spoiled by the best!  I've been seeing Drew  at Sunrise Bodywork for several years and I can honestly say, not only is he the best massage therapist I have ever been to, but he has really become someone that I trust as a confidant and mentor regarding overall health and wellness.

I was referred to Drew by two very different people in my life and I'm so glad I listened to them!  Drew creates the perfect massage balance between relaxation and really targeting the problem areas with his technique, helping me relieve everything from anxiety to aching muscles from a hard workout to the effects of a day job spent at a computer screen.  As if his skillfulness was not enough, he is also an incredibly thoughtful and empathetic and gives plenty of time to discuss what is going on with my body/sleep/life and how I'm feeling before and after the massage.

After seeing Drew for a while and due mostly to anxiety I was experiencing, he suggested I might be a good candidate for acupuncture.  Even though I was very nervous, I trust Drew and decided to give it a try.  I am so glad I did.  Drew is an extremely gentle acupuncturist, which is completely in line with his overall nature, and the acupuncture has helped really helped create balance in my body and mind.  Drew is incredibly intelligent and very knowledgeable about Chinese medicine and will answer any questions I have around wellness in general.

THE BEST massage therapist and acupuncturist all in one!
Transformative. Drew fixed the pains I had and the pains I didn't even know I had. Don't know how you'd like it if you're a 'light-touch' massage, but if you want someone to get in there where the trouble starts and make the the pain go away, I highly recommend.
Jenn Frechette is now Certified to do CST! She's always been great but look out now. You can read my recommendation on the Sunrise site.
Again, Yelp does not lie. I was a little hesistant at first making an appointment with a male masseuse because I had never done that before but honestly, Drew is the nicest guy ever and also a great listener. He's also really good at what he does.

I told him that I wanted a massage because I had a lot of stress and tension in my back from God knows what that has built up over the years and he temporary relieved that pain. The knots in my back are pretty impossible to get rid of in one session but Drew was able to put me in a comfortable state for a good hour or so.

I'm pretty sure that my one-hour session ran over time because I had left the clinic later than expected which was not a bad thing at all. The music he played in the background was also very soothing too and that made it much easier for me to relax and I pretty much almost fell asleep too.

What was really surprising to me was that I let Drew know that I didn't have enough cash or check on me and he just told me to mail it to him. SERIOUSLY? Wow!!! So much trust, right? TOTALLY.

What a genuine guy, I definitely can't wait to come back for my next session although I can't really afford to splurge on massages that often. But really take advantage of the Yelp discount if this is your first time, it really is a steal.
I have to agree with all the previous 5 star comments, I was skeptical that it was really that good but after my massage today I can attest that Drew really is that great. He took the time to really understand what I was looking for in my massage, but did not deduct it from the massage time itself. He had a great balance of working on my trouble spots and relaxation techniques. I will be making a point of budgeting money to visit regularly.
Every time I come to Drew, I know I will leave relaxed with all that hidden tension gone!  He is amazing and intuitive in his approach.  No one massage has been the same for me because he has sensed I needed different results.
The last time I told him I had been experiencing headaches and he knew how to approach the problem and provide some relief.  Drew listens to you and your body to understand what to do.  His studio helps by helping you settle down and enjoy his work.
Simply amazing!!
You know that super-relaxed look you get on your face after a great massage? Well, I had that for 2 days.

This was the type of treatment I had been looking for. We spent at least 20 minutes discussing my health issues/general health before starting the bodywork. He was a great listener and had a lot of helpful suggestions. It was instantly comforting.

The massage was wonderful. The work was very fluid and deep enough without feeling "poky" or painful. I notice that a lot of therapists around Seattle use similar techniques of finding a tight spot, then "nudge-nudge-nudge" followed by a long rub. I don't respond well to that technique because it tends to cause an initial tension in my muscles before they loosen. Drew uses long, deep strokes, which I find more effective and relaxing.

Afterward, he gave a rundown of the things he found while giving the massage. I have a list of stretches now that will help alleviate some of the pain, and will make the work easier next time.

I highly recommend Drew, whether you are suffering from a specific issue, or are just looking for a great massage. You'll leave feeling like a bowl of pudding.
I was in major need of a massage, from prior back and neck injuries flaring up.
I have to say this was the best choice I've made.
Not to mention Drew is quite the conversationalist.
Overall I had a great experience, was well relaxed and my pain was treated.
Also he gave me some awesome muscle cream that helps a ton when i have flare ups with muscle spasms and cramps!!
Finally came back for my second massage and can reaffirm my earlier five star review. If I could give a sixth star, I would. I came in filled with weeks of stress and tension and left feeling like a hundred pounds had been lifted from my shoulders.  Rumor has it that they are moving to a new location and will be offering more holistic wellness services in the very near future. Lucky us, Seattle!

The price point is spot on for the services you receive. My 90 minute session was $100 with Dennis and worth every nickel.  I would recommend Sunrise Bodywork to my friends and would never go anywhere else.
I have to admit that seeing all of these 5-star reviews made me skeptical - can anyone be that good? The answer, I'm happy to report, is a big fat yes. Drew is everything everyone says he is. Really. Promise.

I ran my first half marathon yesterday. Before the race, I booked the appointment thinking a post-run massage would be a great reward for myself (and I should mention I asked for it fairly last minute, but Drew was very nice about fitting me in). I had been waffling for a while since I have never had a male massage therapist, and I'm shy like that - turns out I had nothing to worry about. Drew put me at ease immediately. He's the sincere and unassuming type - not at all judgmental. Just kind and friendly. The massage itself was intense and made me almost gasp at times, but in a very deeply satisfying way. My aching legs are thanking me! The only thing I don't like is that I'm actually only visiting Seattle so I can't return on a regular basis like I'd want to. Book an appointment with him so I can be jealous of you!
Dennis is amazing! I was told by my chiropractor to get a massage every month, after he fixed a very painful displaced rib. I had never been to a chiropractor, but felt it was necessary to fix the pain and tension in my back. I went to Yelp and chose the people with the highest ratings - they were right!

I have gotten several massages in the past, but this was the best. Finally, a message "therapist" who helps you as a patient, with specific goals, not a generic "rub down" like you would get at a salon/spa hahaha. I didn't need to tell him where my muscles were tight, he could tell on his own - very intuitive. He fixed the tension responsible for my rib being pulled out of place.

Also, Dennis is extremely professional and soft-spoken, making the experience relaxing and therapeutic. Sunrise Bodywork has the professionalism and attention to detail of a doctor's office, with the relaxing atmosphere of a spa - exactly what I wanted. I will be back for sure.
Two thumbs up for Dennis...hands down, the best message I've had...ever.

I was experiencing some back pain and required some work before my flight overseas. That morning, I was moving furniture and injured my back.  I'm in the military, I need messages on a biweekly basis for the work that I do anyways, but my back was causing me a significant amount of pain.  I arranged a session with Dennis, and I must was AMAZING!  We spent an hour and a half together for the actual message, collaborating together (since this was our first session, (I gave him feedback as to ensure that I was getting exactly what I needed).  You can feel the energy flow through his hands, as he uses his talents from several techniques.

The endstate is that I feel amazing. I felt alive and rejuvenated, due to the unquique stretching excercises we performed.  I could feel the blood circulation flowing throughout places that were dormant prior to the message.  And the back pain?  What back pain?  It was gone...I woke up the next morning just to see if it would return-and this was not the case.  Although I was very impressed with my message, I intentionally waited until the next day before I posted this review.

Dennis has a introductory YELP special for $75 for an hour and a half ($75 for 90 minutes!), this will last until he builds up his regular clientele (Drew is a bit more, but not by much). Very affordable (the intro to Dennis YELP special is actually $50 for an hour with Dennis, but they allowed me to get 30 minutes more for $15!!!). Drew changed my appointment 3 times, as a result of my ever changing schedule (I am certain that as a resukt of this acrobatic fiasco, they must have lost some appointments along the way). He was super accomodating and friendly, doing everything he could to ensure I got an apppointment before I flew.

SBW simply is the BEST place to get a message.  Look at the prices alone, a lot less expensive than other places that (I guarantee, regardless of how 'high end' they are) I have been to. Look around, and you will see that the prices can't be beat.  This message simply doesn't make you 'feel good" as so many places do, but don't provide the results your looking for.  Far too many places provide message, but it's simply touch and relaxation (some things may actually help, but not everything).  Get your moneys worth, get the therapy you deserve.

This IS therapeutic, this IS health and's YOUR body.  You know the difference between spoiling yourself vs therapy.  Don't sell yourself short on this one, you'll be very pleased with the result.

The business is in the small, quaint area of Maple Leaf Book, with plenty of street parking (very accessible from the freeway).  Book your appointment now, as they are the in works of expansion (which is a work in planning progress, planning phase).

There is a reason that SBW has 5 star reviews, go...and you too will be posting the same rating!

Another noteworthy mention:  As I fidgeted around for my card for some time, Dennis asked me if I would like to take care of it via Paypal...after I left.  The level of trust that SBW has for their customers really impressed (and shocked) me at the same time. I don't another business would allow anyone to do the same.

Thank you Dennis and Drew for an amazing experience, I will be be back!
Drew recently wrapped up acupuncture school! HOORAY FOR US! So between getting massaged or receiving acupuncture!??! WHICH ONE!? You can't go wrong. Through acupuncture there's even more depth to his healing. His compassion and gentle approach with acupuncture is phenomenal. He puts you at ease right away. Seattle is very lucky to have him as an acupuncture and massage practitioner!
Seriously the best massage I've had in over two years. I'm in Germany now, but I'd fly back just to have Drew's hands all over me.  Oh, and I'd pay him, of course!
I have RSI from years of typing and I've been to a number of doctors and therapists. Drew has been the only one who has given me clear and intuitive explanations about how to manage my pain. He took a lot of time to listen to my medical history and suggest alternatives to my current approaches. As if that wasn't enough, he finished the session with the best massage I have ever had. For reals.
If you are looking for someone who combines intelligence and intuition with compassion and care, then Drew is the person for you! He answered many of my questions that other massage therapists have not been able to answer.  I immediately feel comfortable and relaxed in the massage room - I forget that I'm in this universe. Hmmm... .writing this review makes me want to call and make another appointment right now!
Drew is amazing. He's got the healing touch. He brings a feeling of safety, security, relaxation, and calm to his work that I have never found matched anywhere. I always get blissed out when I'm there. I love that he takes his time and that you never feel rushed. Everyone should know what its like to spend some time on Drew's Table. I send all of my clients to him and they all agree drew is the best!!!
Drew's calming demeanor, combined with his extensive experience and knowledge, made this one of the most comfortable and relaxing massages I have ever had.  He adds a very personal touch that  will have me coming back for more!
I have chronic shoulder pain, so I've tried a number of different massage places around Seattle, and the massage I got from Drew is by far the best.  I have a fairly good understanding of what hurts, such is the nature of chronic pain, so I can pinpoint the problem areas. Drew is very good at asking for and responding to feedback to make sure that he really targets the areas that hurt the most.
Just got back from a terrific first massage with Drew. I saw all the 5-star ratings here and had high hopes going in.  

Drew is such a nice, down-to-earth warm person, I felt comfortable right away. He really listened, with a lot of support and interest, to my health issues and why I'd come in, what type of massage I liked--and then he delivered it with flawless technique and skill.  I also called at the last minute, and he was able to work me into his schedule, which I really appreciated.

Finally--I can't believe how inexpensive this is. I got the hour and a half, and it was cheaper (including tip) than most hour-long massages I've gotten elsewhere. This isn't a big spa facility, but it is very nice and clean and the room was just as nice as any I've been in.  Worth every penny! Can't wait for my next session!
I tried this massage service when traveling to Seattle. The experience is superb, the massager is very skillful, and I felt so much better after the appointment. Also he gives advice on further care. All in all, he is wonderful!!!
Yes and Amen to all these previous reviews about Drew.  I haven't gotten a chance to have a massage by Dennis, but I've heard he's great too.  

Sunrise Bodywork focuses on the well-being of the whole person.  Drew is open to hearing about any issues of anxiety, depression, or stress, as well as physical tension.  He is trained in acupuncture as well as massage, and his knowledge and (as other reviewers have noted) his intuition about the human body are top notch.
The best deep-tissue, therapeutic massage I've had here in Seattle.  I've seen both Drew and Dennis--both are incredibly knowledgeable and in-tune w/what's going on with your body.  Scheduling was easy and the massage was awesome.  This is definitely my go-to place for massage from now on.
Can I give 6 stars??

Just got back from a massage with Dennis. It was my first massage ever, so I wasn't entire sure what to expect.... and I think I'm a little obsessed. I'd go back every day if I could!! Dennis was extremely mellow, calming, and professional in his demeanor, and simultaneously powerful and gentle in his massage. I had told him that I felt like my neck and shoulders needed some attention, but he intuitively found all the tender spots without me having to say a word and gradually worked them out. I felt like a puddle when it was over... still do!

Before I left, he also took the time to talk to me about dealing with any soreness, drinking plenty of water to flush out the toxins that were released, etc. Very thoughtful and thorough!

Lastly, the price just can't be beat... My 90 minute massage was just $75, thanks to his introductory special. Amazing!!
I have had many a massage in various cities and countries. But, Dennis is at the top of my list and, I suspect, will remain there. I booked an appointment with Dennis (online and super easy) a few days before Christmas so I could dial myself down a notch before dealing with the holidays. Dennis has the hands of a powerful angel and a soothing energy that allowed me to relax and enjoy his transformative massage. I came to him a gnarly ball of stress and back pain and left with no pain, calmer and with the feeling that I could survive the holidays with my wild kids and over-involved mother. I will most definitely go back to Dennis the next time I am in Seattle and strongly suggest that those who live in the glorious Pacific Northwest check him out. You will not be disappointed!
Mad skillz.  Angelic art.  Somewhere between a massage and heaven.  Profound.  Thank you, Drew, for an amazing experience.  And thank you to my husband for the sweetest Valentines gift.  :)
Drew is amazing.  He gave me more than I ever expected and I'm picky about massages.  I can't wait to get back there!
Drew is an artist with his hands.  I feel like as a feather after each massage.  He's also a very kind soul.  I drive all the way from North Bend (about 45 minutes away from his location) just to get a monthly massage from him.  

The atmosphere is super relaxing and the music that he plays during the massage sets the mood for the appointment.  I can't wait to go back!
I just relocated to Seattle, and was feeling a lot of physical and emotional tension after my move.  I relied on Yelp for reviews to find a good massage, and I was not disappointed when I choose Sunrise Bodywork.  The massage I received from Dennis was just what I needed; it left me feeling calm, soothed, and in a beautiful state of relaxation.  Highly recommended.
Dennis is great.  The massage was focused, directed, and caring.   Highly recommended.
Thank you Janine for a wonderful first time massage experience. Great atmosphere, good balance of professional and personal approach. The instructions on aftercare were unexpected and very useful. Thanks so much!
as a retired massage therapist, i am pretty critical of other people's work.  drew is hands down as good as it gets.  my shoulder totally spasmed on me yesterday and he was able to get me in right away.  he was 100% professional, and has an amazingly thoughtful approach.  worth every penny.
WOW - Solid 10!  Drew will anticipate your every need while giving you the best massage of your life.  If I lived in Seattle, I would see him everyday.  He is the best~
Well my search for a massage therapist is over! After going to many different massage therapists I found Dennis Mace. He has been the first to really work out my knots, and I have quite a bit of them. Dennis was very professional, answered all my questions, gave me post treatment suggestions and an extra half hour on my massage, which was much needed. I've never left feeling so relaxed. Definitely coming back! Dennis works hard to ensure his clients leave satisfied. The massage was so good, I had to post a review.
Drew is far and away the best massage therapist I've ever been to....I used to frequent spas for a massage but now I wouldn't think of going to anyone but Drew.  We're talking true talent!  He's a Jedi masseuse.
Dennis Mace is an excellent massage therapist who actually gets the sore spots, even the deep ones!  He also even presses hard enough (most don't) but not too hard that you are in pain.  I have been to many massage places over the years and am honestly quite dissatisfied with most of them.  Dennis also has a good knowledge of injuries which I'm quite grateful for.  He can work on an injured area and relieve the pain, without making things worse.  Highly recommended.
Derek is amazing!!!
I saw Dennis for an appointment a few weeks ago, and he is great!

As a martial artist, I appreciate knowing the fact that he is a long time martial art practitioner and instructor as well as a massage therapist. So when I went to visit him with a nagging ache from an injury, I knew I would be in good hands.

Dennis has a great demeanor - very calming, professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. He even spent a few minutes at the end of the session to suggest some stretches for me to do.

I highly recommend Dennis, and will visit him again in the future!